We’re proud to be the most experienced staff providing pet relocation service. Longtime operation in pet relocation enables us to establish a large network of relocation agents.  We have good contact with Airline Company about pet transportation. We know in detail pet importation law of different countries, for example Japan, Taiwan, Europe, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, United State, Indonesia…  We know how is stressful for you while you need to bring your pet abroad. And we’d love to share with you during this difficult time by making it easier in any way possible.

The first advice we would like to share with you is to plan in advance. Please let us know as soon as possible your country of destination or even some countries of destination. We will schedule with you for preparation.

We can assist you in below technical requirements:

–       Rabies vaccination scheduled properly with requirement of destination country.

–       Microchip implanted in appropriate timeMicrochip is manufactured with ISO standard, approved by all countries. Information about pet identified with microchip will be recorded in a database allowing a rapid consultation. Microchip is also helpful in case of loss or missing pet.

–       Antibody of rabies test done by an OIV approved laboratory and accepted by all countries.

–       Health Certification for export purpose: this certificate will act like export license for going out of Vietnam and other specific certifications may be required by importation country.

–       Booking for your pet with an Airline company, friendly with animals.

–       Custom clearance veterinary inspection at the airport, check-in with booked Airline company.

–       Coordination with agent in destination country for importation procedures.

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