5. Internal and external parasite control


Internal parasite can cause zoonotic diseases such as Roundworms, Hookworms, Giardia, Ringworm, Cat-Scratch Fever, Tapeworms, E. Coli, Salmonella, Toxoplasmosis. Deworming your pet regulary is the best mesure in eliminating intestinal parasites and then preventing zoonotic diseases.

We have full line of good products for deworming such as Drontal for dogs and cats, Advocate for dogs, and Revolution for both dogs and cats.


Heartworm prevention

The proportion of pet infected by heartworm in Vietnam is not known, but the serious consequence of heartworm disease and the presence of mosquitos require regular heartworm prevention. To ensure a safe use of heartworm medication we may ask for heartworm test for your pet. The product for heartworm prevention is Heartgard.


Fleas & ticks treatment and prevention

Fleas & ticks cause skin problems and are also agents of intestinal infections.

We recommend you use products for prevention of fleas and ticks over sensible periods.  We keep in line imported products, efficient and safe for control fleas and ticks such as Frontline spot on cat, on dog, Frontline Plus, Adventix, Advocate, and Revolution.

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