1. General consultation

We’re pleased to welcome your phone calls and messages about appointments for your pet. For each case, we attempt to have an accurate diagnosis with a treatment schedule that is efficient and non-harmful for your beloved pet.


Consultations can be done at our Clinic or we can provide a home visit at the client’s address. Home visits are recommended for non-serious cases that don’t require complex diagnostics or if the pet is in the early stage of illness. After a home visit, our doctors will schedule an adequate intervention.


When you’re so busy and cannot arrange an adequate time for your pet, you’re invited to use Drop – off Service. Just call us or send an email as usual for an appointment and give us as much information as possible. Let us know what time to expect your arrival, and then you may drop off your pet as early as 7:30 AM or at lunch time. We will then perform services required and needed.  You can usually pick up your pet at noon, in the afternoon, or at the time most convenient for you.


We also provide health check for exporting purpose. The health check is usually scheduled 10 days prior departure and in compliance with requirements law of the destination country.



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