Keeping your pets clean is as important as keeping them healthy. Grooming does more than make your pet look and smell nice.

We provide different grooming services such as:

–       trimming hair: will make your pet feel more comfortable, prevent ear and eye problems.  If the hair too long can irritate eyes

–       nail trimming: help your pet walking with less pain, preventing nail breakage and infections.

–       cleaning ears: will help your pet feel comfortable and it’s great time to check ear problem, preventing ears infection.

–       cleaning eyes: will help your pet feel comfortable, preventing eye infection.

–       bathing with high quality shampoo or with medicated

shampoo when is required: prevents and improves skin disease. Grooming is also the way to check abnormalities and fleas & ticks.

–       anal gland cleaning: will prevent discomfort and infections.

–       dental cleaning: will help prevent your dog from gum and tooth disease.


This service can be done at our clinic or at home, depending on owner’s wishes.

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